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  • Developer: GIMP Development Team
  • Genre: Raster graphics editor
  • Version: 2.10.24
User Rating: Rating 4.79

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Release Date
Jun 2, 1998
GIMP Development Team
GIMP Development Team
Raster graphics editor
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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GIMP for Windows

Tasneem Sumner

GIMP is a free raster graphics editor with a full featured set of tools for digital photo manipulation, creating 3D graphics, and painting. Application available for GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other operating systems. This is an open-source image editing application which provides range of different tools for picture manipulation. It provides number of advantages over other picture editing instruments. Firstly, GIMP download is free, which means that there are no costs associated with using the app. Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open-source, cross-platform photo editing software. You can not only edit photos, but also create other images from scratch, such as logos, diagrams, and cartoons. You can also create animations and 3D pictures.


GIMP free is a complex piece of software. It is difficult to use, but it does have a lot of instrument options. It is not for everyone. Provides a user-friendly interface which is easy to use and navigate. Provides a range of different tools to manipulate pictures. Firstly, download GIMP for Windows includes instruments such as brushes which can be used for image manipulation. Interface is not as dated as Photoshop's. It may not have a fancy ribbon to click on icons, but it does have a window that you can use to save and open pictures. The interface is very user-friendly. The main toolbox is placed on the left side of the screen. There are a lot of different instruments and options for you to choose from. The tool options are grouped into six different categories: Toolbox, Layers and Channels, Tools, Brushes, Colors, Gradients and Patterns.


It is difficult to use but it has many tools. App provides users with a range of different customizable instruments. Firstly, the user can customize different aspects of the interface according to their preferences. This includes the different instruments which are displayed and the different settings which are applied. Secondly, GIMP install provides users with the ability to undo and redo changes to an image. This makes it simpler for users to navigate through all the different changes to an image. The install GIMP interface is easy to use. All the buttons are clearly visible and the tools are easy to select. The interface has a lot of options to choose from. If you are not sure about what to do or what instrument to use, it is easy to just hover your mouse over an option and it will tell you what it is.


There are a lot of tools and it can do a lot of things. Free GIMP provides a range of different functions and tools to edit images. Firstly, soft provides users with a range of different filters which can be applied to pictures. These filters cover a wide range of different purposes. Secondly, it provides users with the ability to edit text which can be added to an image. This makes it easier for users to add text to pictures.


It is free and it has many tools. There is not a whole lot of support for the program. There are not a lot of tutorials on the internet. The GIMP application has an active community of users and developers. It has a lot of tutorials on their website that are very useful for beginners and advanced users. They also have a lot of YouTube tutorials. Soft also has a very active community that is very supportive.


  • Why does download GIMP for Windows show a black screen when I start it?
    This is likely because the video drivers have not been installed on your computer. 
  • What troubleshooting steps can I take?
    First, make sure software is not running in compatibility mode under Windows. Second, try using the hardware vendor's driver for your video card.
  • Why does GIMP application not display any windows or menus?
    This could be because there is not enough video memory to run.
  • Why does app require a high amount of video memory?
    Is a complex application with many features, and it is possible that your computer is not powerful enough to run.
  • Why does it crash when I save or export to an image format?
    Is crashing because there is not enough available memory.


Overall, app provides users with a variety of tools and functions which can be applied to images. It is easy to use, but it requires a lot of patience. GIMP free download is a very powerful application. It is a picture editing tool that is used to manipulate images and create other images from scratch. It provides a lot of different options for users to work with. It has a lot of different filters and tools which can be used for picture manipulation. Software is not ideal for beginners, but it can be a useful instrument for advanced users. It is a complicated program and it is not for everyone. It has many tools, making it useful for a lot of things. It is free and it is not too hard to use.


  • It’s completely free;
  • High-quality image editing.


  • Only works on Windows;
  • Not as many fonts.

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